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© David Butts, 2009
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Ruins with Potted Plant

In the centre of La Antigua Guatemala, is the Plaza Mayor, designed by an Italian architect, Antonelli in 1543. This is a beautiful park which showcases "La Fuente de las Sirenas" (the Mermaid Fountain), built in 1743. On the East side, rises the facade of the Cathedral of Santiago. The original Cathedral was destroyed by earthquakes. The facade was rebuilt from the wreckage, and behind the facade, is a fascinating jumble of ruined arches, broken columns and walls. This is where I saw this image. Here in the midst of the wreckage, was a potted plant, placed there and tended by some unknown person, someone like me, who saw the beauty in the crumbling column and stained plaster, and the wonderful juxstaposition of life amidst destruction. I hope this image moves you as it did me.

[photo for week of 30 November 2009]

© David Butts, 2009

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