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© David Butts, 2009
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Rock Formations, Cabo San Lucas

I had heard about the rock formations at Cabo San Lucas and was looking forward to seeing them and in particular, the most famous formation, "El Arco".

I was not disappointed. We were one of the first off the ship early in the morning, and I quickly hired a small boat to take us out to the rocks. It was quite a challenge, taking pictures in the motor boat, constantly in motion. Needless to say, there was no way I could use a tripod or live view!! Thank goodness for the Image Stabilization Lens! I took several pictures as the boat moved about the formations, and I was very pleased with the one of El Arco, but this one excited me a little more on account of the way the light streams through the narrow gap in the rocks, illuminating the foam on the water, and the way the rock in the background takes on the shape of a German Shepherd!

[photo for week of 7 December 2009]

© David Butts, 2009

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