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Submerged Pilings

I have many more Winter Scenes that I could show, but this week I decided to go back and revisit my digital files, and I came across this picture that I had never worked up or printed. I had seen this particular scene before at low tide when the pilings had been sticking out of the mud for about two feet, and did not seem to make a particularly attractive picture, but on this occasion, with the pilings just visible, the entire character of the scene changed so I took the picture. It has a minimalist, almost abstract look to it that I like. As well it seems to have a Japanese quality, and I can almost imagine this image to represent stepping stones in a Japanese Garden. What I also like very much, is that the patterns in the water give a strong sense of motion to the image, not only to the water, but to the structures as well. This image was taken when I was just starting to experiment with digital photography, so it was taken with a monochrome setting. Now I always photograph in color, so that I can use all the available digital information in the production of the final black and white image. In this case, the scene was practically monochromatic already, so I do not think that it made a significant difference to the final image.

[photo for week of 25 January 2010]

© David Butts, 2007

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