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© David Butts, 2009
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Beaverwork #1

This is one of my winter pictures. It was taken late in the day so the obliquely glancing light formed lovely intersecting patterns with both the gnawed stumps and the vertical trunks. This entire slope was covered with numerous beaver downed trees and I had taken a few different aspects of the slope, but this one in particular caught my attention because of the almost precise way the two rows of stumps formed a right angle just below the intact trees. More and more, I find myself looking for interesting patterns and lines in the landscape as these draw the viewer in and set the stage for further contemplation. If my image makes the viewer want to look more deeply at it, then I consider it a successful image. This image, I enjoy looking at, and I hope that you will too.

[photo for week of 12 April 2010]

© David Butts, 2009

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