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© David Butts, 2010
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Tree and Rock Face, Zion

This week I continue with another image from Zion. When I was there, spring had not begun to show itself, so many of the trees were quite bare. I cannot be sure that this was just a dormant tree or a dead one, but there were many like this in the park. I think the rock face of the canyon set off this craggy tree quite well. The branches seem to be scrambling and scratching at the rock face. I liked the way the tree was illuminated and stood out from the canyon wall, and I tried to emphasize this by deliberately using more vignetting than I would normally use. I had another reason for being heavy handed with the vignetting. When I took the picture, I was careless and did not notice the branches at the top right of the picture. I should have positioned the camera better than I did, but having made that mistake, I had to de-emphasize the branches, and the increased vignetting tries to do that.

[photo for week of 24 May 2010]

© David Butts, 2010

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