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© David Butts, 2010
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Traveller's Palm

This week's picture was taken in Jamaica, of a Traveller's Palm. This is a lovely palm with large paddle shaped leaves that extend on long petioles and all in a single plane. The petioles that hold the leaves converge to the vertical axis and overlap. Actually, this is not a true palm but a member of the bird-of-paradise family. I have taken some liberties with this image as I chose to rotate it horizontally and zoomed in quite close to show only the overlapping petioles, once again producing a rather abstract image! I love the highlights that run down the overlapping petioles and the way the light seems to originate from the left hand side. The contrasty appearance makes me think of silvery fish or even of folded leather. The strength of this composition, I think, lies in the repeating pattern which tends to move the eye to the midline, and also gives a sense of movement to the right. The overlapping petioles also produce a zig-zag pattern of their own that is also attractive and arresting.

[photo for week of 14 June 2010]

© David Butts, 2010

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