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© David Butts, 2010
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Tree Stump

I had stopped the night in Hope and after dinner, went for a walk. There was an interesting park close by, and among the cedars and pine trees, I found this stump. The centre was burned, so perhaps a fire had damaged the tree and forced it's removal. I liked the patterns that I saw, the dark centre that looked like a map of Africa, the swirling concentric growth rings forming a heart shaped pattern, and the surviving wood seemingly projecting upwards in a 3D pattern. By the way, if you rotate the image, Africa now looks like the head of a horse or bull! I thought of sending it out in it's rotated form, but it looked just a little abnormal to me, so I left it in it's original form. This image works as a story telling image; the alternating patterns makes the viewer loathe to leave the image, and encourages different interpretations.

[photo for week of 26 July 2010]

© David Butts, 2010

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