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The goatsbeard basically is a giant dandelion and I suspect that almost every photographer at some time or other, has photographed the mature flower-head with its white fluffy achenes. Because of this fact, I have always been reluctant to attempt photographing this subject, but I decided on this occasion that that I would not be dissuaded from trying to capture an image that reflected my own personal way of seeing this ubiquitous plant. In my case, I was visiting the lavender farm in Kelowna and walking among the several varieties, admiring the colours and scents, when I spotted this weed in a bed, surrounded by the colourful stalks of lavender plants, and on an impulse took it's picture. I knew that in converting to black and white, I would be able to use the colours for some interesting effects. Sure enough, I was able to convert the beautiful purple flowers of the surrounding lavender plants to jewel-like drops, and because of the very shallow depth of field, this gives the image some abstract or even surreal qualities that I rather like.

[photo for week of 2 August 2010]

© David Butts, 2010

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