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On Monday morning, I got a call from my son-in-law, who works in Exshaw, to tell me that I should come out and do some photography, as conditions were quite lovely; fast moving clouds, snow capped peaks, and trees turning golden. I did go out and found conditions as he had described. I took several pictures of peaks that would suddenly appear as the clouds rolled by. There was a skiff of snow which highlighted the evergreens, and the poplars were in full fall colours. After lunch in Canmore, I started back home and as I approached Chief Chiniki village, I remembered that there was a beautiful area just off the road that I had passed several times over the years, and that I had felt would be worth photographing in the fall or winter. So, this time, I pulled off the road and walked back to the spot. It did not disappoint me; the timing was perfect as the fall colours were out and reflected nicely in the calm water. The only draw back was that there was a fence some distance back from the water's edge, so I was forced to set up my camera right on the fence and accept that my view of the water would be restricted. The dead grasses and bushes on the bank were very light coloured, so in order to minimize their impact, I cropped some of them away and I also darkened them as well. I am sure that many fellow photographers will relate to this; filing away possible photographic sites in memory, then much later, going back when conditions are right for the picture!

[photo for week of 20 September 2010]

© David Butts, 2010

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