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© David Butts, 2009
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Winter Sculpture

This picture was taken shortly after I had taken "Cracked Ice". I had spotted this scene out of the corner of my eye, but decided to keep going and have a second look when I retraced my steps. I liked what I saw so took several pictures. I had a fairly good idea, in my mind, as to what the picture should look like, but I just could not seem to get what I wanted. The picture was not interesting, and appeared flat and lifeless. Then I decided to have a look at a section of the Develop Module in Lightroom 2 that I had never looked at before. This is the Camera Calibration section and to my surprise, in a few minutes, I was able to produce the picture I was looking for; beautiful modeling in the snow, a stunning appearance to the grasses and depth to the scene. So it seems that I have found another tool that will help me in the creative process!

[photo for week of 19 October 2009]

© David Butts, 2009

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