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My Photographs

In viewing these images, please be aware that different computer monitors will display the images differently. The images seen on your monitor cannot approach the resolution and subtlety of tone the original print will show.

Over time, my aesthetic sensibility might change and then I may print an image quite differently from the way it had originally been printed. In particular, I now find myself sometimes using a warm or sometimes a cool tone process, depending on the nature of the image. Anyone looking to purchase a print can ask to have it printed in either a warm or cool tone manner.

Select portfolio / project below

Architecture Portfolio

Most of these pictures are of corridors and passageways. I love the perspective in these images.

Botanical Portraits

This is a growing collection of photographs inspired by the beauty of the world of plants.

Cemeteries Portfolio

These have always fascinated me!

Cherry Point Project

This is a retrospective covering the years from 1977 to 1991 when I visited this charming hamlet in Northern Alberta several times.

European Photos

Photos from a recent European tour

Frost Abstractions Project

These are pictures of frost on my window during a very cold snap.

A Day in Havana Portfolio

Photos taken during a brief one day visit to Havana, Cuba

Landscapes Portfolio

These can be grand vistas or close up views.

Miniatures Portfolio

These are often small elements in a grand landscape.

Miscellaneous Photos

A collection of my recent photographs

New York Photos

I have found New York to be one the most photogenic cities

Panoramas Portfolio

The wider view available with improved technology and software offer interesting new perspectives for the photographer.

People Portfolio

I prefer taking casual pictures of people rather than formal portraits.

The Britannia Heritage Shipyard Project

This is a wonderful working museum about shipbuilding.

Structures Portfolio

I started photographing structures based on pilings but now include bridges, piers, and other allied constructions.

Water's Edge Portfolio

In this project, I have sought out images in which there is a juxtaposition of water and natural or man made objects.

Photo of the Week Project

This project replicates my weekly "New Picture" e-mailings.

Windows Portfolio

Looking in or looking out, I always find windows a wonderful subject.

All photographs © David Butts

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