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Winter Birdhouses on Fence

Some very interesting images are to be found very close to home. This fact was well known to many famous photographers, who have used this fact as an exercise in seeing. I met Jack Waltman at a workshop with John Sexton, and had the pleasure of seeing his portfolio, done many years ago, of pictures taken right in his house. I also had the good fortune to meet Ruth Berhard at an Ansel Adams workshop and saw some of her remarkable images of "found objects". I think I am correct in remembering one of the exercise she would give her students, would be to produce a portfolio of pictures taken within a few feet of their beds! If I am incorrect in attributing this exercise to Ruth Bernhard, please let me know. The fact is that quite often you do not have to make an epic journey to produce striking images.

This week, I had every intention of visiting Griffith's Wood to do some photography, but the weather was brutally cold, and I just could not get up the courage to do so. Today, the weather warmed, and I was visiting my daughter. I looked out at her back yard and decided to take some pictures right there. I took four pictures within a few feet of each other, and I was pleased with them all!

This one I particularly liked. The snow capped birdhouses seem to have a personality of their own, and seem, to me, sad that no birds will visit them! At least not in this weather! I also love the textures seen in the wooden fence.

[photo for week of 21 December 2009]

© David Butts, 2009

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